FREE Books! What a deal~

Yay! For a limited time, you can get free downloads of both The Call of Zulina, book 1 of the Grace in Africa trilogy, and The Hope of Shridula, book 2 of the Blessings in India trilogy.  Such a deal!

If you own a KINDLE or NOOK, you can download an EPUB version from:

or from Amazon, The Hope of

Oh, and if you get one of these, or if you have already read books in the two series and like them, I would love to have you write a review and post it on,, and wherever else you would like. 

The Call of Zulina

The Hope of Shridula

The Hope of Shridula



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2 responses to “FREE Books! What a deal~

  1. miriam

    Hi Kay

    I am reading your book Call of Zulina which I got from the library as i don’t
    have kindle :(….I am enjoying it and learning how to ‘show’ not ‘tell’ from it!

    I am also reading Daughter’s of Hope and it has inspired me to pray particularly about the Palestinian Christians as I usually focus on the Jewish people of Israel. I love the way you have end points on the chapter following your story and might do this for my book. Today is my day to get back to work on my book and restructuring it. I took Easter week off and attending my church’s Easter musical three times, bringing others from my community. I have landed back in the valley after the mountain top experience at Mount Hermon, but I expected it!

    What are you doing now that the conference is over?

  2. Yes, Miriam, that’s that downside of such a great conference. What am I doing? Getting back to work! Just returned from a week-long cruise where I was speaking about writing. Lots of fun! But now it’s back to the computer.

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