About Kay

Kay Marshall Strom… who am I?  Well, I’m a writer…  a traveler… a railer against social injustice. I’m a believer in Jesus Christ.  I’m a 21st century abolitionist who speaks out against slavery of all kinds everywhere, including human trafficking.  I am a beach walker and the off-key singer of songs. I’m a mother… a wife… a teacher… a friend.

Even so, most people know me as a writer and a speaker, so here is a bit more about that part of my life:

Of my 36 published books, five have been book club selections, eleven have been translated into foreign languages, and one has been optioned for a movie. My writing credits also include numerous magazine articles, short stories, television work and two prize-winning screenplays, books and stories for children, and booklets for writers. My writing has appeared in several volumes including More Than Conquerors, Amazing Love, and several versions of the NIV Devotional Bible. It is also included in a number of compilations, including various books from the Stories for the Heart series.

I speak at seminars, retreats, writer’s conferences, and special events throughout the country.  I even speak on cruise ships! More and more my writing and speaking draw me to countries and cultures around the world. Not long ago I had the privilege of trekking through India, China, Indonesia, Sudan, Morocco, and Senegal – tape recorder and camera in hand –  in order to tell “the rest of the story” of our donor dollars at work in the lives of individuals and villages around the world. Last year my husband Dan and I taught writing classes in India, I spoke in various cities throughout Japan, and I traveled to West Africa to research my new historical fiction, the Grace in Africa trilogy (the first book, The Call of Zulina, was released in 2009).


6 responses to “About Kay

  1. I was glad to find you . I have self- published 8 books in my local area of S.W. Ontario (just an hour from Detroit). I am a Christian, a member of the Anglican Church of Canada and , like you, a firm believer that God madeus all equal and there should never been ant slavery.
    I have written a book based on real facts about Amherstburg Ontario in 1846-47 when black people were still fleeing to Canada for freedom. It is called An Unlikely Friendship and has sold well locally.
    I try to celebrate where I live. I also wrote another story for 7-8years olds called A Cookie for the Christ Child which was about giving rather than receiving at Christmas. So as you see, I am glad to find other Christians writing.
    May God continue to bless you,
    Jane Buttery

    • Hello, Jane! Thank you so much for your note. What’s the name of your book on Amherstburg? I’d love to get a copy. It sounds as though your heart is very close to mine.
      May God bless your writing.

  2. Hello Kay and Jane. I’m a Christian with an outdoor sanctuary for prayer and healing you can see on the web at: http://www.ChristsHouseofAngels.org. But I’m also an author who has just been picked up by an exciting literary agent who said, “Ann, your book is ready for a big publisher, but you’ve gotta blog and pick up a following.” Yikes! Hope to launch my blog soon. Found you “surfing” WordPress.

    • Good for you, Ann. Your outdoor sanctuary for prayer and healing should provide you with a good jumping off point for your new blog. My best on your new ventures.

  3. Well hello Kay! Found your blog while surfing randomly through WordPress. Finding other Christians online is nice, and your book list is very impressive!

  4. Proverbs 12:18 There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise [is] health.

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