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I’ve moved!

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Laboring Through the Day

When I was young, my parents told us kids that Labor Day was a day set aside for families to labor together. Clever spin. Every year, on the first Monday of September, we were awakened early to start a day of cleaning out the garage… or weeding the garden… or scrubbing floors… or canning peaches… or whatever.

Funny thing—even after all these years…

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The Equalizer Returns


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In my former life, I did some writing for two TV shows: Murder, She Wrote and The Equalizer.
Yep, The Equalizer. Anyone remember that one? Tales of a former secret agent who tries to atone for his past by offering his investigative services for free to whoever needs help? I know, I know, it does seem an unlikely writing fit for me. (Don’t ask. It’s a long story.) But the thing I loved about that show was that the head writer was a committed follower of Christ. He managed to get some of the most amazing Christ-honoring scenes into the show.

Well, now that long-ago. . .

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Moving Day~

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Today, just for fun, I’m throwing in a little word play:

  • I had to laugh and tease my pastor a bit last fall. He sent out an email reminding us about…  (Ooops!  Come on over to see the rest of  Signs of the Time.)   www.kaystrom.com

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