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Turning off the “Wanter”

A minister I once knew talked about the ads at Christmas and how they never failed to turn on his “wanter.”  I laughed.  How well I remember watching the mailbox for the Sears Christmas catalog so that I could snatch it up before my brothers and sisters got hold of it.  Skimming through those pages switched on my “wanter” and sent it soaring into high gear.  I would grab up my mother’s red pen and circle every toy I wanted—which was many.

Guess what?  “Wanters” also get turned on in May.  Yesterday a friend showed me her top-of-the line iPad, and I was hooked.  I wanted one!  Never mind that I got a new iPhone last Christmas and still can only do the basics.  Never mind that it more than meets my needs.  Never mind! I want an iPad!

Believe it or not, I truly am satisfied, happy, and blessed.  So how come I feel I just have to own all the cool toys that yesterday I didn’t even know existed?

When I was in India visiting a school for abandoned girls, I snapped this picture.  She could eat for the greater part of a year for the price of a new iPad. 

Thank you, young one, for doing what I can’t seem to manage.  Thank you for turning off my “wanter.”

“Own only what you can carry with you:  know languages, know countries, know people.  That is all you need.”

 Alexander Solzhenitsyn


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