Laboring Through the Day

When I was young, my parents told us kids that Labor Day was a day set aside for families to labor together. Clever spin. Every year, on the first Monday of September, we were awakened early to start a day of cleaning out the garage… or weeding the garden… or scrubbing floors… or canning peaches… or whatever.

Funny thing—even after all these years…

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3 responses to “Laboring Through the Day

  1. Jean

    Yes, funny, Kay. Clever, weren’t they? My mother tried the same thing but only in the morning–by late afternoon it was cook-out time and churning ice cream. Memories….

  2. Jeanette

    My childhood memories of Labor Day include watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon and waiting for the class lists to be posted at the elementary school across the street so we could find out which teachers we had. The only laboring I recall was my dad at the barbecue. Oh, and one year my mom and one of her friends made a tone of apricot jam and the whole house smelled delicious. My sisters and I had apricot jam on our sandwiches for the entire school year.

    What sweet memories!

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