On Writing: This and That from Here and There

Do you like writing info? Sound bites?  Stats?  Bullet points?  Then you are sure to love this post.  Since the info compiled here has been gleaned from various sources, I won’t bet the rent on it.  Still, it is interesting.  And thought provoking.

  •  Over 70 percent of books published in the world are in languages other than English
  • About 1.5 million books are in print in the U.S. at any one time.
  • The top 10 book publishers in the U.S. control about 88 percent of the market.
  • The New York Times reported that “According to a recent survey, 81 percent of people feel that they have a book in them…and should write it.”
  • This means that over 200 million people in the U.S. want to write a book.
  • Last year, according to Bowker, 764,448 titles were self-published. That’s a mind-boggling 181 percent increase from the previous year.
  • California has approximately six times the number of small presses as anywhere else.
  • Colorado and Minnesota are the self-publishing runners-up.
  • Religious books represent a significant share of today’s publishing market.
  • More and more spiritual and religious titles are crossing over into mainstream bookstores.
  • Women buy 68 percent of all books sold.
  • Most readers never get past page 18 in a book they have purchased.

Interesting, huh?  Do you have any stats to add to this list? 

“When I want to read a good book, I write one.”

Benjamin Disraeli


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