Here’s to Home!

Here’s a quiz for you.  Which bridge:

  • was painted orange so it could be seen through the fog?
  • at 1.7 miles, was the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was built?
  • has withstood whipping winds, voracious rust, and city-flattening earthquakes?
  • was deemed an impossible project?
  • provided a stunning backdrop for Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak in the movie “Vertigo” and then was almost wiped out by the Romulan drill-of-death in “Star Trek”?
  • was declared one of the modern wonders of the world by the American Society of Civil Engineers?
  • just celebrated its 75th  birthday, though it has never looked better?

Did you say San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge?  Good for you! 

Seventy-five years old, and I missed the party. I know that bridge so well, too.  I’ve shivered in the winds and squinted through the fog and rocked with the earthquakes.  San Francisco is my home town. And I can tell you, our bridge is truly gorgeous.

Here’s to home!

“We shape our buildings, and thereafter our buildings shape us.”

Winston Churchill


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8 responses to “Here’s to Home!

  1. WOW Kay, I didn’t know it is your home town! I was born there too…did you live in the City or the suburbs.(i grew up in Belmont) go to a local college? ( I went to UC Berkeley and SF STATE (Grad school))…I was on the Bay sailing the day they had the GG bridge party, lots of boats on the Bay and we almost hit one and had to outrun a tug boat pulling a barge! Scared me senseless…they had fireworks over the bridge to celebrate!

    • Born in San Francisco, moved to South San Francisco as a child. So many great memories of the city. Lucky you! I wish I had been sailing on the bay that day~

  2. I missed the party, too, but am celebrating today. I’ve seen that gorgeous bridge. Driven across it (by mistake) and felt so very high and so very much in awe. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  3. Jeanette

    I didn’t know the Golden Gate Bridge was orange! Well, no matter what color it is, I’ve always thought it was the prettiest bridge.

    My work-in-progress takes place in San Francisco, around the time of the 1906 Earthquake, so I’m especially fascinated with the City right now.

    Thanks for this great post!

    • Wow, lot’s of great history for you to delve into. Nope, don’t ask…. I wasn’t there in 1906!

      • Jeanette

        I had a feeling you probably weren’t.

        Have you watched the short film, “A Trip Down Market Street?” that was filmed a few days before the earthquake? You can find it online. It’s amazing to watch. I couldn’t get over the lack of traffic direction! That part of it is actually pretty hilarious.

  4. I’ll definately check it out!

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