Write As I Say, Not As I do~

As I struggled over my current project, pondering and editing as I went along, I asked a writing friend for her input. “I’m still working on the first part,” I moaned. “I just can’t seem to get it right.”

“Why are you even rereading it?” my writing friend asked. “Concentrate on getting the first draft done. You can clean it up and polish it on the next draft.”

I cast an icy stare her way.  “On this particular project, I need to have the beginning fixed before I can go on to the rest of the draft,” I informed her.

She stared right back. “Not according to what you tell everyone else.”

I hate it when someone brings it to my attention that I’m not following my own oft-imparted pearls of writing wisdom.  My friend is correct.  I always have three things to say about the first draft.  Make that four things:

  • “Don’t stop to ponder the words, or the structure of your sentences and paragraphs.  Just write.”
  • “Don’t go back and edit. Get that skeleton of your book down.  You can flesh it out in your next draft.”
  • “Don’t ask so many people for their opinions or you will keep rewriting and rewriting until you are so sick of the book that you’ll set it aside and never get it done.”
  • “Get busy and write!”

Yep, those are my words, all right.  And I must say, it’s pretty good advice.  I think, just this once, I should listen to me!

 “I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.”

James Michener


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12 responses to “Write As I Say, Not As I do~

  1. Jean

    LOVE IT, Kay–perfect advice, even it I have trouble with it, too. Thanks for sharing that your advice is sound but that you’re human also and don’t listen to yourself all the time. Funny.
    Thinking of you at Mt. Hermon the end of the month. Another year keeping me away but my day will come. A bite of you-know-what for me…:)
    Love, Jean

  2. Yes, I do know what. Yum! We will miss you, dear Jean, but you are so right–your day will come!

  3. Your friend is very wise and your advice is spot on

  4. Jeanette

    What a relief to know that I’m not the only one who is the last to take her own advice.
    Welcome to my world, friend!

    I can’t wait to see you :).


  5. How come it’s so much easier to tell others what to do?

  6. Carol

    What if you are on your hundreth draft and still perfecting the first chapter?

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