Of A Naughty Cat and A FREE Book

The bad news:

I’m “a day late and a dollar short,” and it’s all Owen’s fault.  She may be the sweetest kitty in the world, but when she sets her mind on hoisting herself up onto my desk, despite piles of work and a glass filled with water, she can wreak destruction.  And did she ever!  Notes and research soaked through.  Puddles dripping on my floor and chair.  And my beautiful keyboard, dead.  I tried to resuscitate it with towels and my hair dryer, but after several hours, it’s wonderfully illuminated back light fluttered, then went out for good.  Nothing to be done until I found a keyboard I liked as well.  Sigh~!


The good news:

The Hope of Shridula, book 2 of my new Blessings in India trilogy, will be released in two weeks.  It’s already available in Kindle format.  If you haven’t read book 1, The Faith of Ashish, it is available today and tomorrow—February 16 and 17—FREE as a Kindle download.

If you like the books, I would love to have your leave a review on Amazon, CBD, Barnes and Noble, and wherever else you think of.






















“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

George Eliot



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6 responses to “Of A Naughty Cat and A FREE Book

  1. Sorry about the keyboard, Kay. Gotta love those little imps.
    Your book covers are GORGEOUS! Kudos! See you soon at Mt. Hermon Writers Conference!

    • Well, I do love my two little imps. And I have learned a lot from you and Charlie Bear. 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment on the covers. I’m really happy with them.
      See you soon!

  2. Jeanette

    Our cats must be distant relatives because that is exactly the sort of thing that Tatiana would do. She spends most of the night clawing the chair in my office, and I dare not leave the room while printing anything. She parks her little self right in front of the printer and bats at the pages. Don’t even get me started on her habit of walking across my keyboard. Grrr, they can be such brats! Darling, sweet little brats.

    Congratulations on Book 2. I agree with B.J. The cover is beautiful! Oh, that reminds me–two of my friends were raving about The Faith of Ashish a few weeks ago. We were simply talking about books we liked and one of them mentioned how much she loved that one! (I’d sent them both e-mails either when the book came out or when it was free on Kindle.) I’ll be sure to tell them about the second book.

    Have a blessed day.


  3. Yes, they can be brats. But what would we do without them?

    Hey, thanks for being such a good publicity coordinator! And such an encourager, too! I do appreciate you.

    • Jeanette

      I couldn’t stand to lose my kitties (which explains why they are still here months after we surrendered the dog). Even, “You little brat,” is said in a very similar tone as, “Hey, sweetie.”

      And I love playing the role of publicity coordinator for my friends :).

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