Best Christmas Gift Ever

Meet Stephanie and Stacy.  Some years ago, as financially strapped college students, they puzzled over what to get their notoriously hard-to-please dad for Christmas.  When they picked up a holiday gift catalog, an entry called “Banking on Piggies” caught their eyes.  What better gift for their soft-hearted but hard-to-shop-for father than a live piglet that would grow into a two-hundred-pound mama pig?  And would change the life of a family in Africa?  And cost just forty dollars?

Since the girls couldn’t wrap the piglet up in paper and stick a bow on its head, they bought a toy piggy that squealed when it was squeezed and wrapped it up instead.  Yes, complete with a pink bow.  That was the first in what was to become a long line of their dad’s “best Christmas gifts ever.”

Over the years, Stephanie and Stacy’s father has opened gifts from them to find:

  • A hunk of goat cheese (a goat for a family in Africa)
  • A homemade cardboard fish (fishing supplies that enable a Cambodian family to start a fishing business)
  • Cough drops and a box of bandages (medical supplies to help with women’s health in Egypt)
  • A closet full of wheelchairs (wheelchairs for Kenya)
  • A bottle of water (a well and water filter for a village in Sudan)
  • An old reading book (scholarship for a needy student in India)

Does Dad miss tearing wrapping paper off ties and shirts and books and slippers on Christmas morning?  Ha!  He can hardly wait for his turn to see what he has gotten. . . and already given.

Sound like a great idea? 

Check out .





“Now I take care of my entire family. My husband and I are blessed with eight children. We can meet their school needs and those of the three children of my sister who lost her husband in the war.”

Aloney, from Sudan

of the small loan she received from a donor to start a small business selling dried fish



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2 responses to “Best Christmas Gift Ever

  1. Sounds like a GREAT idea! I love it and thanks for sharing.
    Hugs this Christmas to you and Dan,

  2. Blessed Christmas to you, dear friend!

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