Thanksgiving A to Z

What I’m thankful for this year:

  • Abingdon Press.  They gave me the chance to try my hand at fiction that makes a difference.
  • Barbara Scott, who facilitated that opportunity, and encouraged me each step of the way.
  • Chocolate.  The darker the better. Yummmmm!  And the hot cocoa my husband makes me every morning.
  • Dad.  92 years old and still going strong!
  • Eckert, Mrs.  My best and most influential teacher.  She always believed in me.
  • Family.  Three sisters and a brother.  I love them all.  And friends, too.  Some of you are as close as family.
  • God in control.
  • Husband.  What would I do without you, Dan?
  • India.  So many friends there.  So many wonderful people!
  • Jesus Christ, my Savior.
  • Kiss.  Of a friend, a child, a baby.  Of my sweet husband.
  • Lambs.  I love them!  Stuffed toys standing on my shelf, or real ones standing in the pasture.
  • Modern day conveniences, like computers and cell phones and dishwashers and cars that drive (and park!) themselves.
  • Names that roll around on my tongue, like Tallulah and Edwina and Ashish and Ethan.
  • Offspring.  Both of you.  You bring such joy to my life.
  • Partners International.  What great work you do!
  • Quakers Oatmeal.  Nice and hot on a cold day, with raisins and brown sugar.
  • Roses.  Especially yellow ones, but any color.  My husband does his best to keep one on my desk at all times.
  • South Sudan.  Newest country, greatest challenge, endless hope.
  • Twinkle and Owen, our two sweet cats.
  • USA.  Yep, even in its current shape.  I still would not want to live anywhere else.
  • Valley Covenant Church.  All of you.
  • Writing.  It’s a gift, a privilege, and a responsibility.
  • Xylophone. I heard one at the symphony and thought of my mom.  She always wanted me to play one.  Hey, Mom, where could I even find such an instrument?!
  • Young people.  I love their energy, their determination, their impatience.  I pray for their challenges.
  • Zoos.  Everywhere.  I try to visit them in every country, and I love them all.

For all this and so very much more I give thanks, oh Lord.

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.”

 ~Meister Eckhart~




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6 responses to “Thanksgiving A to Z

  1. I LOVE your list! Thank you for pulling it together and for sharing. Hugs and Love from me to both of you!

  2. Thank you! Hugs and love back. Have a happy Thanksgiving~

  3. Jeanette

    Your list made me smile, and reminded me that, even in all that is painful and difficult right now, I have an incredibly long list of things to be Thankful for: my precious boys, an amazing church family, and echoing your list–writing, my two crazy cats (one of which is chasing an invisible something down the hall), and of course roses. But I prefer red ones. I have a thing for the color red.
    I’m also thankful that God blessed me with friends like you.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  4. An especially happy Thanksgiving to you, dear friend!

  5. Jean Stewart

    Beautiful, dear one. You and Dan are on my list…

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