Top 10~!

Breaking News Flash: I was just notified that  The Triumph of Grace, book 3 in the Grace in Africa trilogy, was named in Booklist’s top 10 Inspirational Fiction books of the year. It was featured in the November 15 issue of the American Library Association’s Booklist Magazine.

Cool, huh? Especially since book 2 of the series, The Voyage of Promise, received the same honor last year.

In celebration of this, I will be giving away a signed copy of The Triumph of Grace. My impartial husband Dan will draw a name at random from all who stop by and leave a comment to this post. We’ll have one drawing on this website and another on, the website built around this trilogy and dedicated to social justice and 21st century abolition. Visit both, leave a comment on each.  You will double your chances of winning!

Yay for Grace!

” There is something special about people who are interested in the printed word.  They are a species all their own–learned, kind, knowledgeable and human.”

Nathan Pine



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8 responses to “Top 10~!

  1. Jean Stewart

    Oh, Kay, what wonderful news for your beautiful book! So proud of you–as always. Blessed Thanksgiving to you, dear friend, and Dan, too.
    Love, Jean

  2. Thank you, Jean. And a most blessed Thanksgiving to you too. I know this will be a difficult one for you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Tsgoyna Tanzman

    What glorious news! You are serving God well with your gift of crafting words and stories that inspire and touch people. Congratulations! Happy Holidays to you and your family. xxooo Tsgoyna

  4. Jeanette

    Congratulations, Kay! I’m so proud of you! As my way of helping you celebrate, I will remind my friends about this series.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, precious friend.

  5. Ian Bennett

    Congratulations, Kay. You deserve it. See you at Mt. Hermon.

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