Personals: (Oh, go ahead and peek!)

Not all messages get through as we wish they did.  Some are accidently deleted, others come with no way to respond, other simply float somewhere out there in cyberspace.  If you send me a message and don’t get a reply within a reasonable period of time, please don’t hesitate to resend it. 

Here are some personal messages to which I haven’t been able to respond:


Your message was accidently deleted.  Can you resend it?


Your message was also lost.  Could you also resend?


Yes, I certainly do speak at a variety of events.  Contact me at or through my website: .


Yes, I do spend time in the places I write about.  I think it’s extremely important to do so.


I’m sorry, but due to the number of requests I get, I simply cannot read and respond to book manuscripts.

Anyone whose message has not been answered:

Please resend.  I’ve been traveling and using a variety of computers, not all of which work to my satisfaction.

“God is watching us. The least we can do is be entertaining!”



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