Calling Christian Writers~!

Time to start planning for the 2012 Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference (address:  You only have a few more months–it starts at the end of March. 

Why mention this now, you ask?  Because you may need time to save up your bucks.  And you should know that writers can learn enough in the five-day conference to skip right past the mistake-ridden amateur writer phase. 

Case in point:  I just received an email plea from an author I’ve never met who informed me I was to help her write a proposal for the book that “God told me to write.”  She had the manuscript ready to put in the mail, she said, and only needed my home address.  She knew I would help her, she wrote, because “God told me to send it to you and get your help.”

Hmmm.  There’s a problem here:  God didn’t fill me in on any of this. 

At the Mount Hermon Writers Conference, this writer would discover that the “God told me to tell you. . .” line seldom works.  Even more, she would learn to write her own proposal in her own distinctive voice. 

There is plenty of room in the marketplace for new writers.  But not for amateurs.  If you want to succeed as a writer, start by learning your craft.  And for Christian writers, the Mount Hermon conference is a wonderful way to do it.

God didn’t tell me to say this, by the way, but I feel certain He is nodding in agreement!

God has not only read your story, He wrote it.”

Max Lucado



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6 responses to “Calling Christian Writers~!

  1. Amen! and I can’t wait to see everyone at Mount. Hermon again! Lots to learn! Come on down!

  2. Anyother great thing about Mount Hermon writers conference… so many wonderful people to see! And you won’t want to miss BJ’s workshop on writing for Guideposts magazine. 🙂

    • Jean Stewart

      Know it’s true–don’t know if I’ll make it this year, have to survive this latest challenge to writing. But am always with you in spirit! And will save my pennies, if there are any left, just in case.

      • Oh, how great it would be to see you, Jean! I so hope you can come. I know this has been a challenging year, but I also know what a great writer you are~!

  3. I have taken Kay’s classes and B.J Taylor’s workshop! I think this blog could almost be titled…So You Think You May Be a Christian Writer..since that is exactly what I was feeling the first time I went, trembling with manuscripts in hand. Going to Mount Hermon was a turning point, not just in how I wrote…but in how I live. Confident of God’s calling. Press on.
    p.s If it hadn’t been for B.J’s encouragement I would have never submitted my winning story for the Guidepost contest, Talk about life-changing.

  4. Oh, Marci, your accomplishments make us all so proud! Keep following this blog, folks, because Marci will be featured soon!

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