Watch Out, a Suit Could be Coming!

Tell me this: how can lawyers be out of work?  Job opportunities are everywhere!  I mean, how can any attorney worth his salt miss all the suits out there waiting to happen?  For instance, kids whose mothers failed them.  Shouldn’t those poor kids be suing their delinquent moms?  Steven and Kathryn Miner certainly think so.

Since their father, Steven Miner, Sr., is an attorney, and since no love is lost between him and his ex-wife, the kids (in their 20s) had guidance when they sued their mother for “emotional distress.”  And any right-minded American, raised in the land of the free and the brave where anyone can sue anyone for anything, will understand.  Here is just a sampling of this mom’s errant ways:

  • Mom once gave her son a birthday card with pictures of two tomatoes with googly eyes that (gasp!) contained NO CASH!
  • While he was in college, Mom did not send him care packages.
  • Mom haggled over the amount she would spend on party dresses for daughter.
  • Once Mom failed to take daughter to a car show.
  • Mom told her recalcitrant son to buckle his seat belt or she would call the police.
  • Once when daughter was out at a homecoming party, Mom called her at midnight and told her to come home.

Speaking of emotional distress, the hard-hearted judge threw out the case.  But  mean ol’ mom had to pay an attorney to defend her because the judge declined to assess sanctions against Papa and the three attorneys he had helping him.

Hey, as Steven and Kathryn pointed out, “There must be accountability for actions.”

“In law it is a good policy to never plead what you need not, lest you oblige yourself to prove what you can not.”

Abraham Lincoln



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2 responses to “Watch Out, a Suit Could be Coming!

  1. It makes me think about all the times I didn’t let anyone sit “shot-gun” or save the cookie dough beaters. That is it.. I am giving myself a time-out with a nap! ;~)

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