Free Kindle: “The Faith of Ashish” Take 2

You didn’t miss the Free Kindle edition of

“The Faith of Ashish”

You just postponed it until this week!

It is  available Wednesday, October 12, through Friday, October 16 at


If you love the book, please write me a glowing review!  If you don’t like it, please giv4 me your scathing comments in private. 🙂



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8 responses to “Free Kindle: “The Faith of Ashish” Take 2

  1. Jean Stewart

    Thanks, Kay, I’ll try to download this new book–can’t wait! Will be back with a review…:) Love,Jean

  2. sreeeeee

    I can’t able to find download link of kindle book

  3. Great Jean. Free download starts tomorrow~!

  4. Jean Stewart

    Got it, Kay–so excited! Will have it to read on the plane and while in Hawaii…:)
    And thanks for the bookmarks–love them, so special, my friend.
    Aloha, Jean

  5. sreeeeee

    Please can you Provide free download link……. I can’t able to found free kindle download link……thanks

    • The free downloads are only available for 3 days. But another download will be offered the second week in October. Watch for the notice. And thanks so much for you interest.

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