Back By Popular Demand — Free! “The Triumph of Grace”

Yay for second chances~!

The Triumph of Grace, book 3 of the Grace in Africa trilogy, is once again available as a FREE Kindle eBook.

You surely can’t beat that price!

Here is the link:…/B004IPPF4E


(If you missed books 1 and 2, you may want to grab them up, too. 

Order an autographed copy from my website  

or order at or

or get the Kindle versions.

(Choices, choices, choices! Don’t you love it?)




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2 responses to “Back By Popular Demand — Free! “The Triumph of Grace”

  1. Jean Stewart

    I did get Triumph of Grace on Kindle but it wouldn’t let me have it free. No matter, I’ll still take that autograph on something, anything, a bookmark maybe? Someday when we’re together again…I hope soon. Still digging out of Mother’s things and drowning…say a prayer.

  2. What? Oh, pooh! I rechecked it and it said, cost: 00

    I’ll send you an autographed bookmark and “sweet friend” note. (Send me your address via email.)

    I’m so sorry about all the hard digging. Yes, I am praying for you. I’ll pray even more.

    Love and hugs, Kay

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