Fishy Solution

I have asthma.  Okay, so that’s not exactly breaking news. (Except to me. I always associated asthma onset with kids, and let’s face it, I’m no kid.)

Asthma has no cure.  Phoo!  Wouldn’t you know?  But still, not exactly new info.

Here’s where the news flash comes in:  Thousands upon thousands of people are traveling to Hyderabad, India, for an annual free asthma treatment.  Each June, on a day chosen by astrologers, the Goud family offers what they tout as a 100% sure asthma cure.  One need only swallow live sardines smeared with secret herbs.  According to the Gouds, their family got the recipe from a Hindu saint almost 170 years ago. And in case you’re wondering: No, they don’t sell it.  They give it away.  The saint warned them that if the mix ever went commercial, it would lose its power to cure.

Here’s why all this caught my attention: 

  1. Asthma, of course. It’s a real pain.
  2. Back when my daughter suffered injuries from a car accident, the doctor pooh-poohed our Vitamin E therapy, then watched mystified as her deep abrasions (which he had warned would scar her for life) disappeared.  
  3. I go to India fairly frequently in conjunction with my writing. (I’m just finishing a fiction epic trilogy set there.  Book 1, The Faith of Ashish, will be available in August.) 
  4. My husband and I are talking about going to Hyderabad in a couple of months.  We have many friends there and work to do.

Of course, a couple of months from now it will be too late for asthma relief.  The astrologer-chosen date will be long gone.  No more sardines. No more secret herbs.

But come next June, the asthmatic crowds will be back in Hyderabad, ready for another gulp.  Minus me.

“Modern medicine does not know what to do with most asthma and is being pompous and arrogant in rubbishing Goud’s fish therapy.”

Dr Veena Shatrugna, former deputy director of India’s National Institute of Nutrition



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7 responses to “Fishy Solution

  1. Jeanette

    Those would need to be some mighty tasty herbs to make up for the sardines. And how long do they slither around, I wonder?

    Okay, I have to ask . . . If you WERE going to be in India on the chosen date, would you give it a try?

    🙂 Jeanette

  2. Ummm…. no. The asthma is a pain, but swallowing wiggling sardines bedecked with unknown paste? No. 😦

  3. Jeanette

    Me neither. Gross! I don’t have asthma, but if someone suggested swallowing herb-covered sardines with the promise, “They’ll improve your vision,” I would definitely pass. “No thank you. I get along just fine. I’ll wait for heaven.”

  4. Alice

    That would have to B some kind of “FISH” err Sardine story to “Last A Lifetime” even without the herbs.

  5. Jean Stewart

    Ok, I’m with you on the squirming sardines…couldn’t do that either. However, I was fascinated with your vitamin E and Lisa story. We are big believers in the wonders of vitamin E, too. Bill’s father swore by it and gave us a book back in the early 70’s to read about it. We were struck by the many “cures” and even “helps,” especially about pregnancy. We’d been married about ten years then with no babies in sight. When we began taking E, within a year I was pregnant–with twins! And carried them within two weeks of term during which we moved from Chicago to California, driving during a heat wave only six weeks before my due date to my doctor’s dismay. So, say what they may, we are believers. And those stretch marks are faded, too. Still, those live fish…? Nope.

  6. Yay for Vitamin E!!
    And for your story, Jean.

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