Funny, the things that can convict: Take 2

Just received a congratulatory note from WordPress:  I logged the 200th post on my blog!  Thought I would commemorate the occasion by re-posting  Number 1.  Two-and-a half years, four books, and 200 posts later, but still true!

I just watched Julie and Julia, the movie about French chef Julia Child and the girl who just about killed herself–and her marriage–with a self-imposed goal of cooking every recipe in Julia’s cookbook in one year’s time. (Great movie, by the way.) I saw it the evening after I had two big book radio interviews. Unfortunately, one interview had missed my calendar notations, so when the radio station called and said, “We’re on the air, live in one minute,” I wasn’t even sure which book we were to talk about. Too scary! Fortunately, the interviewer said the title of the book upfront, so while I said, “Good morning! It’s so nice to be with you today!” I could frantically grab the right book and pull out my appropriate notes.

Before and between and after those two interviews, I completed a chapter of my current book and wrote most of another chapter. The only reason that was possible is because my sweet husband Dan offered to take over the cooking and dishes and laundry and such until I get this book finished.

The reason for my present crunch? Well, adjusted publication schedules and other unexpected changes and my own eagerness to say, “Yes, of course I can!” Anyway, I ended up with four books all released in the second half of 2009. Nice problem, you say? Well, yes, but now I’m under another deadline: a mountain of publicity requirements for those books.

Here’s where Julie and Julia comes in: I love to write. And I really do believe in the messages of my books. Even so, I don’t want to become consumed by my writing. I don’t want it to obliterate the rest of my life–my family, my devotional time, exercise, fun times with my husband. Writing is both my job and my passion. But it’s not my whole life.

How much is too much? Where to draw the line?

What do you think?

Kay with The Call of Zulina at Borders

“It’s never too late–in fiction or in life–to revise.”

Nancy Thayer


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4 responses to “Funny, the things that can convict: Take 2

  1. Jeanette

    Congratulations on 200 posts! I love what you had to say in this one. I have to be careful too. God has very creative ways of reminding me that, while I love writing and helping other writers succeed, I still have a nine-year-old son at home who needs Mom’s attention. This is the second year in a row when the flow of asslgnments slowed down right when school let out for the summer. I decided that God must be dropping a hint.

    I LOVE the movie Julie and Julia. It makes me want to cook something. Or go to culinary school.

  2. Thanks, Jeanette. Enjoy Nathan! Too soon he will be all grown up.

  3. Jeanette

    Nathan is so easy to enjoy. He’s just a fun, joyful, loving kid! I was reminded how quickly he is growing up though, when he turned nine and I realized this is his last year to have a single-digit age.

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