Quotation Mark “Bloopers”

A few months ago my sister and I were reading over some “documents” written up by a “relative.”  We were somewhat taken aback at the innovative use of “quotation marks.”  That stirred up my interest in this particular form of “punctuation” and what happens when people get carried away.

Quotation marks have an important job, of course.  Besides setting off dialogue or a direct quote, they are mainly used to indicate that the word or phrase enclosed within the marks doesn’t actually mean what one would naturally assume it means. Irony, if you will. (“Live” lobsters?  Yeah, right.  Those fellows haven’t moved since Friday!)

Problem is, lots of people don’t bother to adhere to this proper usage. Look around—on signs and messages and… well… the writings of relatives—and you’re sure to see creative usage.

When you do, send them along. 

We would all appreciate the chance to chuckle along with you!   

Do “NOT” PARK here!

Sign in the park


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