Why I Love to Edit

Nope, not quite done.  Almost, though.  Thanks for the encouragement!

Actually, the book is finished and I’m in the editing stage.  And I must say, I really like this part.  So many words to choose from, each with its own particular nuance and picture. 

Some years ago I met a writer who had emigrated from somewhere in Eastern Europe to the U.S.  Already a published author in his home country, he was trying to earn a living as a writer here while he learned the English language.  To my gasps of impressed amazement he said, “Oh, but it is joy!  A joy!  You have so many words to choose in English.  In my language, when we see a pretty girl, she is only pretty. But here, oh, she can be adorable or beautiful or striking or alluring or captivating or darling or appealing or fair or lovely or ever so attractive.  What a wonderful language is English!” 

That’s where I am in my book.  Looking again at all the repetitions of “pretty” and exploring the ways to open my sentences and paragraphs and scenes up to the glorious pictures possible through the richness of my language.

Oh, but it is a joy!  A joy!

“Words are the voice of the heart.”




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6 responses to “Why I Love to Edit

  1. I love words–they DO have their own nuances and pictures. But I also love to read those words!!!

  2. Oh, I am so glad! No fun writing unless someone loves to read!

  3. Jean Stewart

    So true–I fear I may be a better editor than writer sometimes…
    Have fun with our language nuances.
    Love and hugs

  4. You are an excellent editor, Jean. And an especially kind one, too! 🙂

  5. James

    Hello Kay, this seems like an original whether it is or not. As you know, editing can be a chore at times. Way to give it a fresh look!

  6. Yep, it’s an original. The fellow was in one of my writing classes. Teachers get to collect the best anecdotes! Thanks for the comment.

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