Yay! Sigh~!

When my kids were little I used to read them a  book called: What Good News, What Bad News.  (At least I think that was the title.  I did a quick search through Amazon and couldn’t find it.)  It was a fun little book that showed how everything good has a bad side and everything bad has a good side.  I must say, since I’m working approximately 78 hours a day getting my manuscript for the second Blessings in India book ready for its March 1 deadline, I feel as though I’m caught in the middle of that old children’s book!

What Good News!

I’ve been schlepping around in my sweats every day, sloppy and comfortable.

What Bad News!

The sun comes up and the sun goes down, and I hardly move away from the computer.

What Good News!

People complain about traffic at rush hour.  They groan about having to shop in the evening or on weekends: “Too crowded!”  Not me.  I’m my own boss.

What Bad News!

There are times when my own boss is far too demanding.  She can get pretty grouchy, too!

What Good News!

When people hear I’m a writer, they seem genuinely impressed.  They want to know what it’s like, and  hint about six-figure advances.  Most want to be writers, too.

What Bad News!

I know the truth!  (Hey, I do get six-figure advances… if you ignore the decimal point!)

What Good News!

My 36th book will be released in September.

What Bad News!

The manuscript is due in 8 more days.  Yikes!  I’d better get back to  work!!


“I love being a writer.  What I can’t stand is the paperwork.” 

Peter De Vries



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8 responses to “Yay! Sigh~!

  1. What a wonderful post. I was impressed you started teaching your children early about having good and bad in everything we do. I guess that is why we are supposed to think everything we do very carefully. Can you handle the bad as well as the good?
    It sounds as if you have everything undercontrol with your book. I think deadlines help us to our best work. Enjoy (as much as you can.)

  2. I wish I was better at handling the bad… and also the good. So many lessons to learn! I agree that deadlines bring out the best work. I do like to have the book done by the last month so that I can use that end time to review and rewrite and polish. Almost made that goal, but not quite!

  3. Jean Stewart

    Your 36th book?!!! What GOOD! How exciting but what work. You’ll do it and no doubt already have #37 in mind if not on paper. You’re amazing, dear friend, and an inspiration.

  4. Sigh~! #37 is due in Sept. 1. I love doing it, but the every-six-month schedule is a killer. Especially for these Africa and India books that require so much research. Thank you so much for your support, dear friend!

  5. I have a fond memory of your story about the tea bags when you were on deadline years ago. I have no doubt that you will meet your goal and those upcoming as well. Blessings on all your endeavors (and I can’t want to see you at Mount Hermon). Hugs!

  6. Heh, heh! Yep, those teabags! Talk about desperation! See you soon. Can’t wait~!

  7. Hang in there, Kay. When I see you on April 2nd you’ll be all relaxed with the deadline behind you.

  8. Umm… well… at least this deadline well be over! Still more coming~! See you soon.

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