The Rest of Grace’s Story

Remember Paul Harvey?  He gave us the news, tagged on a surprise ending, and closed with his trademark line:  “And now you know… the rest of the story.”

Good  approach, Paul.  We want to know the rest of the story.  At least that’s the hope of every storytelling writer.  Well, tomorrow is the official day for me, the release of book 3 of the Grace in Africa trilogy.  Wouldn’t Grace be pleased about the timing: The Triumph of Grace comes out on the first day of Black History month.

Grace in Africa is a sweeping three-part historical saga of slavery and freedom that takes readers from an island off the west coast of Africa to servitude in London to slavery in the Southern plantations of America, then finally to. . . But wait!  I can’t tell you the rest of the story just yet!  The saga revolves around Grace Winslow, daughter of a mixed marriage between an English sea captain and an African princess.  She grew up naïve, sheltered from the truth about her family business—the capture and trade of slaves.  When her world went up in the flames of rebellion, Grace had to decide who she was—African or English—and to choose sides—slave or slaver.

Book 1, The Call of Zulina, carried Grace through the horrific slave rebellion and siege of her parents’ fortress, and left her far wiser, a survivor in Africa.

Book 2, The Voyage of Promise, saw Grace’s new family torn apart and threw her into a whole new danger in London.  It left her free but alone.

Book 3, The Triumph of Grace. . .

Grace carries her fight for freedom to America’s Deep South. After learning that her African husband, Cabeto, is enslaved on a South Carolina plantation, Grace dons a sailor’s disguise and boards the only ship headed for America. When her secret is discovered, she is locked in the hold and prepared for the slave auction block. In South Carolina, Grace is bought immediately, but then sold to a man who takes her far away from Cabeto. Moved by her story of perseverance and faith, John Hull… well, you’ll see what happens!

The thing I love about historical fiction is that by understanding what was, we can more clearly see what is. And along the way it helps us understand more about ourselves and our own times.

All three books are available through outlets such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, CBD, and  Or you can order them from my website.

Oh, BTW… I would love it if you would leave reviews of all three books on  It’s not a difficult process, and it would mean so much to me.

Well, there you have it… the rest of the story!

“In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.” 

Paul Harvey


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