Glowing Author: Ronie Kendig

Glowing Author #27

Ronie Kendig was one of our great and glowing authors last spring.  How great it is to welcome her back to Kay’s Words!  

Heeeeeere Ronie!

Welcome back, Ronie.  What’s new and exciting since we last visited?

Last Spring brought the release of Dead Reckoning—my debut novel, then Nightshade released that summer, and now Digitalis. In addition, I’ve had the TV/movie rights optioned to Nightshade, and well. . .other good news that I’m not allowed to share quite yet. LOL

Oooooo!  Too exciting! Tell us briefly about your new book.

 Digitalis is the story of Colton “Cowboy” Neeley, who suffers debilitating flashbacks from his combat days. Piper Blum is hiding from men bent on killing her father, who is hiding in Israel with a deadly secret. Colton and Piper must learn to trust—once they get past all the lies and deception.
Great story line!  What compelled you to write this tale?

Digitalis is book 2 in the Discarded Heroes series, books whose mission is to simply open dialogue about our military and what they go through—and how difficult life can be when they return home.

A great mission.  Many writers have a “day job.”  Do you?

My day job is homeschooling my four children (including twins with special needs), and honestly, besides my writing there isn’t anything else I could do because I have no time left in the day. In fact, I’ve applied to the Pearly Gates for a couple of extra hours in my day. I’m still waiting. LOL

Stand in line, Sister!  Is there a part of writing that comes more easily to you? 

The initial draft is what I absolutely love. It’s definitely my favorite part of the writing process, but I don’t know that I’d call it the easiest. However, I do think creating emotional depth in my characters is one thing that I do find comes “easy” to me, but I do work at it to make it as original as I can.

What part do you find most difficult?

Hands-down, the most difficult part of writing for me is the editing. I do not like doing it, and while I know it improves my story and adds layers, it’s the part that leaves me down in the dumps.

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now, my focus is on my edits for Wolfsbane, Discarded Heroes #3, and writing Firethorn, the final installment in the Discarded Heroes series. *sniffle*

It’s like saying goodbye to dear friends, isn’t it? So what books are on your own bedside table?

Right now, two research books on war letters, a book called What Every Body Knows, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card, and Decision Points by George W. Bush. I have about a half-dozen more at my desk, and dozens more on my bookshelf to read—all still waiting to be explored.

I’ll bet a lot of new writers are sighing, “I want that to be me!”  Got any words of advice for them?

Remember, your worth is not in your books, in whether they are published, whether they hit a bestseller list or not, not in whether you get another contract. Your worth is found in Christ; He gave you the gift to write, so WRITE FOR HIM. Not for publication. Not for bestselling lists. Find the pleasure of writing *just* for your Father. Let Him guide and direct the rest.

Contact info:

Facebook Fan Page:!/pages/Fans-of-Ronie-Kendig/237616693729

“I love that I get to do what Christ did—tell stories to impact lives! Wow! While I imagine the admonition to ‘be like Christ’ probably didn’t mean telling stories, I’m sure He doesn’t mind that it’s one more way I feel like I’m modeling my life after His.”

Ronie Kendig



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  1. Thank you so much for having me over, Kay! I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend!!

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