Hey, Where’s the Future?

On New Year’s Day, as I caught up on all my accumulated paper work, I watched an all-day-long- Twilight Zone marathon.  You remember, that 60s-era cutting edge sci-fi show?  The one that showcased all the up and coming stars?  Like young William Shatner, and young Robert Redford, and young Jack Klugman?

For many of us, The Twilight Zone was where we got our first glimpse of the amazing wonders that would be the twenty-first century: colonies on Mars, jet packs, meals in a pill, robot servants. . .  

One episode was about an eighteen-year-old girl who had the audacity to rebel at the idea of choosing one of the beautiful model bodies from a catalog and undergoing a complete transformation, choosing instead to remain individual (translation:  UGLY).  Her uncle, in his speech to convince her to conform, said, “What’s the matter with you?  This is the year 2000!”

What?!  The year 2000?  That was eleven years ago, and I haven’t yet gotten to choose my beautiful catalogue body!  What gives?  I don’t even have a jet pack or a robot servant, and though I’ve had some great vacations, I’ve never once visited a colony on Mars!

New Years day is over.  The traditional ham hocks and beans are gone, and the Twilight Zone marathon long ago came to an end.  And I will have to say, I’m glad the future never came. 

I like now. 

Dear God, help me to live it well.

“I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.” 

~Quoted often, but Author Unknown~



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