Because it Does My Heart Good, Is Why~

Yay!  I just finished decorating the Christmas tree!  It took all afternoon on a day when I had lots of other pressing things to do (I fly out at 5:00 tomorrow morning on family business) but, hey, the tree is up!  And I get to come home to a dazzling tree.

Oh, and another thing:  being the multi-tasker I am, I put on my pedometer before I started the job.  Want to guess how many steps it took me to decorate a 9-footer?  5,792.  Double yay!!

“The best Christmas trees come very close to exceeding nature.”
Andy Rooney



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6 responses to “Because it Does My Heart Good, Is Why~

  1. Jean Stewart

    Oh, my gosh, Kay, how beautiful! Yea, is right! And your house is gorgeous, too. Someday we’ll get up there to see it–and you and Dan. sigh.
    Pumpkins are still out around here but, hey, it’s still November. Tomorrow I’ll start the switch from Thanksgiving to Christmas…tomorrow…can you tell I’m from Atlanta?
    Love to you and happy tree!

  2. Oh, Jean, we would love to see you and Bill up here! Somehow it seems a bit Christmassyer (??) up here in the Northwest than in Southern California~ 🙂

  3. Awesome! Beautiful! Inspiring!

  4. Wow! I’m impressed. You’ve inspired me. When you come home give me a call and we’ll have lunch under a tree–yours or mine. (I better get busy!)

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