Talk About No Security!

I read unsettling news flashes all the time, but this past week one came in that really upset me.  Seems a young Chinese fellow flew from Hong Kong to Vancouver disguised as an “elderly Caucasian male who appeared to have young looking hands.”

(Okay, there’s the first stretch of credibility.  No old codger has young looking hands!  Even we younger codgers have trouble pulling that off.)

Anyway, the “old guy” got up and made his way to the restroom in the back of the plane.  He was gone awhile—no surprise there—then casually sauntered back to his seat—only now he was an Asian and in his 20s.  For some reason, this unexplained transformation raised suspicion, and he was arrested.

Crazy, huh? 

So why am so upset, you ask?  Because this “old guy” in disguise was described in the news release as being about 55 years old.  Yes, 55!

Now, I realize that young people see through immature eyes.  Which is why I was so impressed two years ago when my sister and I took my dad to Marie Callendar’s for his 90th birthday.  We walked in with him, and I said to the giggly young waitress, “We are celebrating my father’s 90th birthday.”  She exclaimed and gushed, then showed us to a special table.  As we sat down, she glanced around and asked in confusion, “So, when’s the old guy getting here?”  Did that ever make my pop’s day!  And she gave him a free banana cream pie as a birthday gift, too!   But I digress…

“This issue is very troubling,” Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said.

I’ll say it is!  Now, as we go through security, we will probably have to pull off our faces and send them through the scanner in the basket with our shoes and cell phones.  Even worse, we must now live with the knowledge that 20-somethings look at us and have no idea whether we’re 55 or 95!

Thanks a lot, you sneaky whippersnapper!

“It seems necessary to completely shed the old skin before the new, brighter, stronger, more beautiful one can emerge…  I never thought I’d be getting a life lesson from a snake!”

Julie Ridge

athlete, actress, writer   



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4 responses to “Talk About No Security!

  1. Irene

    LOL!! I saw the broadcast and reacted the same way. If that old guy looks 55 to a 20something, I imagine my 60 must put me past the hundred-year mark:D

    • …along with a hugely growing multitude of the population! (Hey, this would be a good time form me to plug my book, “The Second-Half Adventure.” The somewhat unweildy subtitle says it all: “Don’t Just Retire–Use Your Time, Skills & Resources to Change The World.”)

  2. Barbara Scott

    Here’s another one for the books. Last week a couple from Florida was flying to Iowa and crashed in bad weather in Tennessee. Both were killed. It was such a tragic incident! But the newscasters described them both as “elderly.” He was 68; she was 65. ELDERLY!!! The implication was that they shouldn’t have been flying at all. Guess we should all give up our car keys. Sheesh.

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