Open Letter to the Victorious Republicans

Open Letter to the Victorious Republicans:

First of all, Congratulations!  What a win you achieved on Tuesday!  You deserve to celebrate, even to crow a bit.  But as your celebrations subside—which they quickly must—may I offer a couple of words of advice from the We The People gallery?

  1. Watch your crowing and gloating.  Remember, we don’t like you much, either.  Nor do we trust you.  You have a chance to change our opinion of you, but it will take some doing.
  2. As you rush to revisit “Obamacare,” and as you decide where to cut Medicare and Medicaid, how about starting by revisiting your own self-voted-in gold-plated health care plan (for which we are footing the bill, by the way)?  It would make your words of concern ring so much more true.
  3. As you look for ways to pare down the budget, why not begin by giving back the raise you recently voted yourselves while we were all hurting so badly?  In fact, how about freezing your pay until you actually get meaningful work accomplished?  Fair pay for fair work…  Hey, isn’t that supposed to be the American way?
  4. And speaking of us, your employers, how about establishing a system whereby a group of regular citizens would sit on an advisory panel and let you know how we the people feel about various issues?  And you would actually listen to us and incorporate our thoughts into your actions?  It might help you understand that our anger over the bailouts would not have been so great had you held the receiving parties responsible for their poor decisions and greedy ways.  And that quickly passed regulations could go a long way toward preventing the same thing from happening again.  You would surely get a better idea of the fury we feel when you simply click your tongues at the rogues who are pocketing huge bonuses and exorbitant pay while you do nothing but say, “Shame!  Shame!”
  5. Rip yourself loose from the tentacles of lobbyists.  You want a nice dinner out?  A golf trip?  Prime tickets to the game?  Pay for it just like we do! 
  6. Oh, and please, Mr. McConnell, change your top priority from defeating President Obama in 2012 to getting us back to prosperity by 2012!

How about it?  Will you use your win to prove to us that you’re better than we are afraid you are?  Please, will you surpass our rock-bottom expectations?  Will you take this golden opportunity to make your country proud?


Kay Marshall Strom



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2 responses to “Open Letter to the Victorious Republicans

  1. Eric

    All good points, Kay.

  2. Jean Stewart

    Hear, hear and Amen, Kay!

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