Facts About Africa…

 Did you know…?

  • The continent of Africa, second biggest on earth, is larger than China, the USA, Western Europe, India, Argentina, and the British Isles… all combined!
  • It is also the second most populous continent, home to roughly 12 percent of all humans, or 840 million people
  • There are 47 countries on the African continent, including the territory of Western Sahara. If we also include the islands, the count is 53.
  • The biggest city is Cairo with over nine million  inhabitants.
  • The Ancient language of Egypt has been dated back to about 3,200 BC, making it one of the oldest recorded languages known.
  • Judaism has been in Africa for 4,000 years, Christianity for 2,000 years (Ethiopia), and Islam for 1,400 years.
  • Sudan has more pyramids than any other country on earth, and that includes Egypt. At least 223 pyramids exist in the Sudanese cities of Al Kurru, Nuri, Gebel Barkal, and Meroë. These are steep-sided and generally stand 66 to 100 feet high.
  • There really is a Timbuktu!  It is in the African country of Mali, and in ancient times it was a respected center of learning.
  • Africa is rich in natural resources. In addition to vast oil reserves, half the world’s diamonds and half its gold comes from there, 97 percent of the platinum, 90 percent of the cobalt, 80 percent of the chromium, 64 percent of the magnesium, and as much as a third of all uranium.

From www.GraceInAfrica.com

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“I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself.”

Nelson Mandela 


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