August at the Fair!

August.  The days are sunny and hot, but there is a touch in the air that reminds me it won’t stay summer forever.  Besides, I’m weary of wasting the sunshine sitting in front of my computer.  So my husband and I did the only logical thing on a pleasant August Thursday.  We went to the county fair!

Lots of rides, of course.  We clucked our tongues over the high prices of the tickets and the crazy kids who rode them, and we passed on by.  We also passed on the tattoo artist, the fortune-teller, the win-a-giant-hammer-balloon game, bingo, and cotton candy.  But we enjoyed the animals, both large (horses and cows) and small (baby bunnies and chicks pecking their way out of the shells).  And of course the sweet ones (tiny goats and freshly shorn lambs).  Fun stuff.  We walked through the great halls and looked at canned peaches and preserves like the ones that won blue ribbons for my mom, and home-made wine like my brother used to enter.  We saw flower arrangements, and a gorgeous Japanese-themed quilt, and a bit of everything else you can imagine.

We saw a puppet show, watched a competition of the Paul Bunyan lumberjacks (those flying axes were a bit scary, I’ll have to say), a magician who made all kinds of things disappear and show up again in strange places, and a pirate ship with a most talented all-dog crew. 

Oh, and we watched the All Alaskan Racing Pigs.  ( They had names like Sylvester Stalloin, Natalie Porkman, and Shaquille O’Squeal.)  And I’ll tell you what, those little piggies could really run.  They even leapt over hurdles in an effort to be the first to cross the finish line!

Of course we ate fresh-made corn dogs that burned our mouths and frozen bananas covered in chocolate and peanuts that soothed them.  What would the fair be without those goodies?

Before we know it, the leaves on the trees in our yard will turn red and gold, and Christmas decorations will appear in the stores.  We will sit by the fire and one of us will say, “Remember when we went to the fair last August?  Weren’t those little pigs the cutest?”

Yay for summer!

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.”
–   Anton Chekhov



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3 responses to “August at the Fair!

  1. janpierce

    I always remember the smell of onions cooking on a grill just outside the rabbit building where my parents had a booth. Yup, my folks raised rabbits and showed them. I got to go to the fair for two solid weeks each year (Puyallup). We personally knew the lady who demonstrated the vegetable shredder and the people who ran the little pomeranian stunt booth. We took naps on feed sacks. Those were the days. BTW my Dad was president and my mom was treasurer of the rabbit club. Hot stuff!

  2. How cool is that! I’ll bet onions on a grill bring back a flood of memories! So, did you go to the fair this year?

  3. janpierce

    Not yet, but the onions are calling.

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