Glowing Author: Judy Christie

Glowing Author #13

Speaking of birthdays… 

Before Judy Christie was an acclaimed novelist, she was a  journalist for years (newspaper, that is, although she has kept a journal since she was nine–and has held on to all of them!)  She is also the author of the popular nonfiction series, Hurry Less Worry Less.  When Kay’sWords was just getting off to a tottering start, Judy wrote a guest post for us.  Now she’s stopped back by with further words of writerly wisdom, as well as a super offer.  Keep reading to the very end to find out what it is!  So….

Heeeeeere’s Judy!


On my fiftieth birthday, I gave myself a gift: I promised myself I would write a novel before I turned fifty-one.

Like many people, I had wanted to write a novel for years, but had put it off, pursuing other priorities, bogged down at times by the logistics of life … and really not sure how to write a novel anyway.

 With fear and a little trembling, a lot of prayer, and the fiftieth birthday cake getting pretty stale, I finally sat down to write.

My debut novel, Gone to Green, came out last year.  This month I celebrate the publication of my second novel, Goodness Gracious Green. The third installment in The Green Series, The Glory of Green, will be out next February.

 I am a novelist.

This writing journey has reminded me that we all have gifts waiting to be used, no matter our age, our finances, where we live or what the past has held.  We have to dust off old dreams and bravely tackle them.    We need to consider new ways of doing things and bold ways to serve the world around us.

Having my first novel published was like something out of a movie. I practically tackled the FedEx guy when he delivered the first copy. But the real joy of these moments is not that you can now find me on a fiction shelf in the library or an end cap at Barnes & Noble.  It is that I am doing what I was meant to do at this point in my life.

 I prayed, set a goal, plotted and planned, and saw it through.  It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done – nor the hardest.

One of my favorite quotes is from a deep philosopher you probably didn’t study in college, comedian Lily Tomlin:  “I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.”

Be specific as you consider what you were put on this earth to do – what you alone can do in a way that no one else can, or something that you’ve intended to do for years but never quite gotten around to.

Be somebody special:  Be yourself. And watch what happens!

Do something you’ve always wanted to do, something you alone were meant to do

Judy Christie

Contact Judy at or visit with her on Facebook.

For more information, see

Win a free copy of Judy’s novel:

 Submit a comment here or send Judy an e-mail at, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a copy of “Gone to Green,” Judy’s debut novel, or “Goodness Gracious Green.” Your choice!


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8 responses to “Glowing Author: Judy Christie

  1. I do love me some Judy Christie. And reading this just made me love her more. Any woman who can write the Green books, inspire me to hurry and worry less, and quote Lily Tomlin!! … Well, I’m there. Judy, you’re an inspiration.

  2. That is a neat story. I loved how you decided you were going to finally do something and you did. Congratulations on series.

  3. Karen Koch

    I’m so impressed that Judy followed her dream! And now her readers reap the benefits! I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and I’m looking forward to the next books. Good gracious!

  4. Judy Allan

    I have to say that I am amazed. I think of the years in the newspaper industry and seeing where you are today. It is truly inspiring to know that there is another life outside of newspapers that is successful and inspiring to others. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Pam Kellogg

    I read “Going to Green” and enjoyed it. I would love the opportunity to win the next book in the series.
    Congratulations to Judy for not giving up on her dream.

  6. Judy, you always make me smile…when you’re not making me think deeply…or making me thank the Lord for you!

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