Open Letter to Anne Rice

Dear Anne~

 I’ve enjoyed my acquaintance with you.  Even though it wasn’t at all my usual genre, I read Interview With a Vampire with great interest. (I was born and raised in San Francisco, and loved the accurate details of that location.)  Years later, I marveled over your Christian religious experience as laid out in your memoir Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession. (I am a Christian.)  Now I see that you have pronounced yourself no longer a Christian because you refuse to be “anti-gay … anti-feminist, and anti-artificial birth control.” (Here I disconnect.)

Okay, I understand your objections to those “anti-s”.  But… why exactly have you decided against following Christ?  The one who championed out-of-the-religious-mainstream folks?  Who scandalized the religious leaders of his day by eating with the ones they stamped as sinners?  Who sat by the well and talked with the despised woman from Samaria, and who told  his disciples to shut up about the woman who poured her expensive oil on him?  The one who scandalized the religious leaders with scathing words and exposed their self-righteous hypocrisy?

But, please, let me say this one thing: Christianity is not a political issue, no matter what some would have us believe.  Nor is it a position of hate.  Christ gave his life for those who hate him.

That’s not to say Christians shouldn’t discuss difficult truths. Trouble is, Anne, too many seem to find it easier to yell into a megaphone than to love their neighbors quietly, one-by-one.  And it’s that quiet love that gives us the right to speak.

Anne, your Christianity—your faith—is between you and God.  But, please, make your decision a worthy one.

A fellow writer and Forever Christian,

Kay Marshall Strom

“The word Christian belongs to no political party.  It’s time the quiet majority of believers took it back.”

Andrew Sullivan, Time Magazine Religion Editor




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2 responses to “Open Letter to Anne Rice

  1. Kay, if you want to send this directly to Anne Rice, her e-mail address used to be quite accessible from her website. In fact, I e-mailed her once, and we had a couple of exchanges about writing for young adults. Your sweet spirit is just the one to reach out to her.



  2. Thanks, Barbara, for the encouragement and the suggestion. I will send the letter on to Anne.

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