Better Than a Tie For Pop!

One more week until Father’s Day.  I can’t wait to see what Dave will get from his daughters!  I guarantee you it won’t be a tie.

A great tradition started one Christmas when Dave’s cash-strapped daughters decided they were tired of seeing their gifts to their dad end up stashed in a closet, never again to see the light of day.  They happened to pick up a World Concern catalogue that had come in the mail, and they thumbed through glancing at the various options for gift donations.  When they saw “Banking on Piggies,” they knew they had found the perfect present for their impossible-to-shop-for dad.  What could be better than a real live piglet that would grow into a two-hundred-pound mama pig and change the life of a family in Africa?  And for just forty dollars?  Of course, they couldn’t wrap up a baby pig bound for Africa, so they bought a toy piggy that squealed when it was squeezed, wrapped it in Christmas paper and tied it with a bow, and tucked it under the tree.  That was #1 in a long line of what Dave calls “the best gifts ever.”

Over the years his daughters scoured catalogs and websites in search of just-right dad-gifts for every occasion.  Dave has opened:

  • a hunk of goat cheese (a goat for a family in Africa)
  • a cardboard fish (fishing supplies to enable a poverty-level family to start a fishing business)
  • cold medicine and a box of bandages (medical supplies for women in Egypt)
  •  a package of lunch bags (school supplies for children in India)
  • a scavenger hunt that ended in a closet full of wheelchairs (wheelchairs specially fitted for Kenya)
  •  a bike helmet (bicycles for pastors in Bangladesh)
  • a bottle of water (a well and water filter for a village in North Africa)
  • a pencil and a pad of lined paper (education for a child in Sudan)


What will Dave be doing on Father’s Day?  Ripping open a gift of… something.   I don’t know what it will be, but I do know it will be a whole lot better than a necktie or soap-on-a-rope.   Because it will be something that will change the life of someone, somewhere on this earth.

Yay for Dave and his family! 

Yay for everyone opting for gifts that really make a difference!

Ever wonder what happens to that money you donate through charitable gift catalogues?  Whether people’s lives truly are changed?  Well, so did I.  Harvest of Hope: Stories of Life-Changing Gifts  is the story of my journey from the pockets of donors to the people in villages and towns around the world, telling the rest of the story of your donations.  A great organization called Partners International graciously opened their files and allowed me to follow along and see the bottom line.

The book includes steps you can take to help you make certain your money is used how and where you intend.

Harvest of Hope:  Stories of Life-Changing Gifts is available through: 

at through my website, or the website at InterVarsity Press.

“You keep our hope alive.  Hope keeps us going!”

Amina, Sudanese Refugee


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