Hawaiian Graffiti

I just came back from Hawaii, the Big Island.  (I know, I know!  But I really needed a few days away in the sun.)  Except where professional landscapers and endless water have done their magic, the dry Kona side of the island looks sort of like pictures from the moon.  It’s all barren lava flow.  But where ever people traverse, graffiti follows.  And an endless stream of resourceful visitors have gathered up white coral stones from the beach and carted them to the roadside  where they write out words and messages and draw pictures.

Dona Forever

The Fowler family was here

No more war 4 ever


The white rocks glow against the black lava background.  And people are endlessly ingenious.  The day was gorgeous, and I had my new camera ready, all posed to click  picture after picture. 

I clicked once, then nothing.  Yep, the battery was dead.  Foolish me.  I figured that since the camera was new, so was the battery.  Of course, it was the one size battery the local store didn’t carry, too. 


I especially wanted a picture of one particular message that cautioned:

Write Good, she said

Write good?  As in, mind what words you spell out in the rocks, or a general word of advice to writers of all kinds?  And who was “she”?

freedom forever

I miss my dog!

Remember, Mario

Endless story possibilities bubble up with the lava.  Freedom for whom?  The native Hawaiians, of whom so few survive?  Who was Mario and what was he supposed to remember–or could it be that the writer didn’t understand the power of a comma?

Thanks, graffiti writers.  You wrote good, I said.

“True ease in writing comes from art, not chance…”

Alexander Pope



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4 responses to “Hawaiian Graffiti

  1. Irene

    I’ve seen that message-laden moonscape! My sis rented a gorgeous home in Kohala Ranch (it had it’s own tennis court and pool ), but despite the luxury I longed for wild, verdant Kauai!

  2. Darn those new cameras! Thanks for etching the graffiti in your brain, so you could share with us here.

    Hoping the coma was misplaced, I couldn’t help but hear, “It’s me, Mario!” and that goofy music!

    Great to connect through High Calling Blogs!

  3. Thanks, Cheryl. Cameras are wonderful, but nothing replaces memory.

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