A Matter of Perspective

Today, it is sixty degrees outside, seven degrees below normal.  I put away my short-sleeved blouse and pulled out a sweater — again.

For some reason, my mind flipped back to a specific January day when my daughter–who was then in college in Michigan–called me at home in Santa Barbara, California.   “It’s so cold here today!”  I groused to her.  “Can you believe the thermometer only hit sixty degrees?!”

“Sixty degrees!”  Lisa exclaimed.  “If it were sixty degrees here we would all put on our shorts and tee shirts and run outside to wash our cars!”

At the time, I was appalled at the thought.  But a lot has happened since then. My family suffered catastrophic financial setbacks. Our house in Santa Barbara burned to the ground and we lost everything.  Illness overtook my husband, and for ten years he went steadily downhill before it claimed his life.   I remarried.   Dan and I moved to the Pacific Northwest where, for the first time, we are experiencing the wonder of seasons.  (We put our first Christmas tree in a tub of water in the backyard to keep it fresh while we were away and returned to find it frozen solid!)  And guess what–winter really does melt into spring!

Isn’t it amazing how seemingly insurmountable obstacles can fade out of our lives?

Isn’t it fantastic that we actually survive the intolerable? 

Isn’t it a blessing that we are allowed to move beyond our own self-imposed  limitations?

Today, it is a gorgeous sixty degrees outside.  All over our yard, rhododendrons have burst open to flood our yard in vibrant shades of red and purple and pink.  Tulips nod their yellow and red heads.  Dogwood blossoms reach out their nail-scarred petals.  And all around us, shafts of  soul-warming sunlight peek through the lacy fresh green of newly opened leaves.

It’s sixty degrees outside!  I think I will put on my shorts and tee shirt and wash the car.

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.”

Martha Washington



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4 responses to “A Matter of Perspective

  1. The cold tends to try and put a chill on my perspective most of the time. I love how God doesn’t leave me there in the midst of my bitter-cold, but rather turns my gaze to him and my perspective to bitter-sweet. It is SO fantastic that we actually survive the intolerable! God is so good. Cheers and love, Kay!

  2. It is snowing here today. The white fringed boughs of towering fir trees look more like a Christamas card than a spring backdrop. But, everyone in the small gold rush towns that dot the Sierra Mountains know you should never plant a garden full of tomatoes, peppers and corn until the snow falls on the dogwood blooms. So while some are thinking…snow, we are thinking SALSA! Amazing how the seasons announce each other! Good luck with the car washing!

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