Writers’ Notebook

Writers’ Conference Echos

I had intended to post an update or two from the Mount Hermon Writers Conference last week but…  well… the truth is, I was so busy mentoring and learning, talking and listening that the conference got away from me.

By the way, did you notice additions and update to my blog site?  Yep.  It happened at the writers’ conference.  (Thanks, Laura!)

Besides renewing great friendships and making new ones, besides giving out and taking in, besides stuffing my head with publishing updates and my stomach with wonderful food, I collected some pearls of publishing wisdom to share with you.

  1. To build your nonfiction book from the ground up:  Draw up your plans, identify your audience, find your focus, do your homework.  Then get busy and write!  Bonnie Perry, Editor, Beacon Hill Press
  2. “Great beginnings can sell your present work and a great ending will keep readers coming back for more.”  Dan Kline, Speaker/Writer
  3. There is nothing quite as effective as watching a master at work.  Doug Newton, Editor, Light and Life Magazine, edited and rewrote an article on the screen in front of us.
  4. “Good narrative non-fiction is not a soapbox…  Publishers and readers want to see people living out universal messages.”  Lynn Vincent, Best-Selling Author
  5. “Be original.  Be ‘other’ centered, not ‘self’ centered…  Show me, don’t tell me.”  Tonya Stoneman, Editor, In Touch Magazine 
  6. In these days of economic squeeze, it can be really tough to find a publishing house that will take a chance on a new author.  Nick Harrison, Editor at Harvest House Publishers, helped steer us through the process.  He also gave other options for frustrated writers. 
  7. Barbara Scott, Fiction Editor at Abingdon Press, gave an outline to help writers create characters that live and  breathe.  Not only did this include physical characteristics, but also social, psychological, and spiritual attributes.
  8. Judy Perry, Editor at Beacon Hill Press, let us know what editors wish new authors knew.
  9. Not all the help was strictly writing help.  Website specialist Laura Christianson showed us techno dopes how to actually harness the internet to our benefit!
  10. And for those who are already published authors, Publicist Rebecca Seitz  demonstrated ways to promote our books–painlessly and purposefully.

Wish you had been there?  Next year’s conference begins on April 15, 2011.  Yep, April 15.  Get your taxes in early and come along!  www.MountHermon.org/writers


“There is no subject so old that something new cannot be said about it.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky



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4 responses to “Writers’ Notebook

  1. You are very welcome. What fun to sit alongside you in the blogosphere (and at MH 🙂 )

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Kay. Getting ready to re-tweet your article. It was interesting to read some of the great tidbits you learned at the conference.

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