Because I’m A Writer Is Why…

Three out of four people who discover I’m a writer say, “Really?  I’ve always wanted to write.”  Or, “Me too!  I just happen to have my novel in my suitcase.  Will you look it over and tell me how to get it published?”  Or, “That’s what I think I will do some day when I’ve got lots of time on my hands.”

This isn’t a scientific study, mind you.  It’s just the way it seems to me.  One thing is certain, though.  Lots and lots of people hope to… plan to… write.

I think that’s great.  So much collective wisdom swirls around out there.  So much hands-on education gathered by first-hand experience.  There is a lot to be said… a lot to be read.

The thing is, writing isn’t as easy as everyone seems to think.  That is, writing stuff that other people want to read isn’t so easy.  It truly is a craft to be learned and developed. 

One of the most common questions I get is, “How did you get started writing?”

Well, I’ve always written.  Even when I was a child I wrote stories.  But the way I moved on to publishable writing was by developing my craft and making key connections at a writers conference.  That’s why I am so positive about them.

Today I will head out to the gorgeous redwood enclave of Mount Hermon, California, to participate in the pre-eminent Christian writers conference held there each year.  Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center is nestled in the low-slung mountains a stone’s throw from Santa Cruz beach.  It’s a lovely place… especially in the spring.  Especially if it doesn’t rain. 

This next week, my blog will be coming from the conference there.  We’ll talk shop some.  We’ll meet writers and we’ll chat with editors.  If you always wanted to write… if you have a novel in your suitcase… if you are planning ahead for when you have lots of time on your hands… stay tuned!  This week is for you!

Why do I write?  Because I’m a writer.

Why am I published?  Because I found a place to learn my craft and show my work to caring pros.

“Advice to young writers?  Always the same advice:  learn to trust your own judgement, learn inner independence, learn to trust that time will sort the good from the bad–including you own bad.”

Doris Lessing



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6 responses to “Because I’m A Writer Is Why…

  1. Yes, this week IS for me…partly because you will be there. See you soon, Kay!

  2. Why I’m published is a different question than why I write… I think the first question is partly answered in you. 🙂

    (It was so great to see you this week, Kay!)

  3. Have heard so many good things about Mt. Herman. Take good notes – we’ll want to absorb all that you learn!

    (And great to find you through High Calling Blogs!)

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