Exploding Attention

What’s the better way to make a statement–with kindness or with bombs?

Doesn’t seem like a difficult question to answer, does it?  I mean, look at Haiti, and the positive response from the concern shown there.  Look at the outpouring after the tsunami that ravaged the coasts of Asia four years ago.  And the earthquake that hit Chile so recently.  And it always seems that when disaster hits, World Vision is right there in the forefront, handing out food and tents and clean water.  Right there reaching out a hand of love in Jesus’ name.

Yet word just came today that World Vision’s work has been temporarily shut down in Pakistan by a senseless attack on its offices, which are located less than a hundred miles outside Islamabad.  Six staff members died in the attack and eight more are hospitalized.

Why?  For the crime of helping those who need it the most?  World Vision’s work in Pakistan is all conducted by local citizens–Pakistanis who truly care about the little ones, the poor and the suffering.  Every day, those workers made a statement through their deeds.  They demonstrated their committment to the ones most in need. 

Although I have not personally been to Pakistan, two of my books have stories of Christians who live there–Fouzia in Daughters of Hope and Majeeda and Alira in Forgotten Girls.  Hearing their stories, and having the blessed opportunity to share their lives, gives me a real sense of camaraderie with the Christian community in that country.

Please join me as I pause to pray for the families of those who died today. And for the Pakistanis who refuse to quit despite the pain, but continue to reach their hands out in love. 

And for our world where violence is increasingly the way to make a statement. 

And for those who insist on responding to kindness with violence.

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”



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