Glowing Author Interview: Judy Christie

Glowing Author Interview #4

Today we have a great twist on our weekly Glowing Author Interviews–a Glowing Author Essay. 

I am so pleased to introduce Judy Christie, author of the popular Hurry Less Worry Less series.  Her debut novel, Gone to Green, was released this past August as part of the new inspirational fiction line from Abingdon Press and it immediately received a starred review in Publishers Weekly.  Book 2 in the Green series,  Goodness Gracious Green, will be released this coming August. Judy leads retreats and workshops, and she loves to help busy people slow down and enjoy each day more. A resident of Louisiana, Judy says she enjoys sitting in the porch swing, walking in the park and looking for primitive antiques at flea markets… though, to be honest, I can hardly imagine where she finds the time for such lovely meanderings!

Now, heeere’s Judy!

Finding the Right Path

As a new novelist, I’ve discovered the great fun of making up characters and helping them find their paths in stories. Along the way, I have been reminded of how important it is to find the right path in my everyday life.

My first novel, Gone to Green, is the story of ambitious and uncertain journalist Lois Barker, who winds up running a tiny newspaper in the town of Green, Louisiana. Lois changes the town, and the town changes her. Writing about Lois and the people she encounters, I watch her get her bearings in a new place. 

Preparing for the release of Goodness Gracious Green, second in the Green series, I see Lois develop more, sometimes taking three steps forward and two back, but still moving ahead on her journey.

So it is in my life and with many of the people I encounter. We must regularly stop and take a fresh look to make sure we’re on the right path. I recommend a special GPS for this – God’s Positioning System.   With a regular GPS, you need two pieces of information:  where you are and where you are going.  As we seek God’s direction, we need to stop regularly, assess where we are and determine the path God would have us take.

Whether making up stories or listening for God’s guidance, I savor the reminder to find the good way and walk in it. I’ll enjoy watching my characters look for the good way – and I will seek to do likewise in my daily life. I hope you will, too, and I wish you rest for your soul.

For more information or to contact Judy, go to or look for her on Facebook.


“A scripture that helps me stay on course is Jeremiah 6:16 (NRSV):  Thus says the Lord: Stand at the crossroads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.”

Judy Christie



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  1. Great interview, ladies! I’m looking forward to reading this one. :o)

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