Happy Perspective

Grouch…  Grumble… Grrrr… 

Yes, I truly was pleased and most grateful to have three books released this past fall.   And the hefty interview schedule that came along with the releases was by no means a bad thing.  No, no… not at all!  It was just that those early morning interviews–sometimes as early as 3:00 a.m.–sometimes left me on the grumpy side.   

In January, for instance.  One morning I was  scheduled for an interview out of Canada at 6:00 a.m., which meant I needed to be up and around no later than 5:30.  Grouch.  Hey, it’s cold in Oregon in January at that hour of the morning!  Below freezing!  Grumble.  So to the rhythm of beating rain, I shivered into my bathrobe and sat by the phone waiting for it to ring. 

I picked up on the first jingle and managed an insincere,  “Good morning.”   

“Hold on for about five minutes,” the sweet voice on the other end of the line said.  “We have a quick news update, then you’re on.”   

Grrrr~!  I could have slept for that extra five minutes!

At the end of the news spot, the announcer said, “Well, it is 20 degrees below zero this morning here in Edmonton. The sun will be up shortly after 8:00, and we are expecting a high of 10 below.  Have a great morning, everyone!”

Say what?

Our temperature was 31 degrees above zero, it would be light by 7:28 a.m., and by afternoon the weatherman promised a balmy 46 degrees.  Suddenly I felt so much warmer.  Suddenly the day brightened appreciably and the rain sounded like music to my ears.  What did I care if it rained, anyway? I was in my comfy house with a warm kitty cat curled up on my lap, and a cup of homemade hot cocoa on my desk.  (I have a super sweet husband who makes it for me every morning.) 

I don’t know what anyone else thought about the interview that morning, but I’ll have to tell you, it surely did make my day.

Isn’t perspective an amazing gift?  Days are neither crummy nor lovely.  Beauty remains in the eyes of the beholder.  No clear line of demarkation exists between success and failure.  

Contentment is ours for the choosing.




“I have learned to be satisfied with whatever I have.”

Philippians 4: 12



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3 responses to “Happy Perspective

  1. Great post, Kay. What a vivid reminder of an oft under-appreciated Scriptural admonition.


  2. Quite interesting, well I just wanted some songs and got your blog. Thanks for this one mate 😉 I just loved it.

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