The End

At 12:05 this a.m., I typed THE END at the bottom of the final revision of the final rereading of the final book in my Grace in Africa trilogy.  The Triumph of Grace is now on editor Barbara Scott’s desk.  Finally!

I’m feeling kind of lost this morning.  I miss Grace on my computer screen.  We’ve spent two years together.  We’ve traveled to Senegal, Africa, two times.  We’ve sobbed together through the haunted halls of Goree Island slave fortress.  We’ve poured over books and documents together.

One of the questions people often ask me in interviews is what I do to celebrate after I finish a project.  Well, I do have a bit of a routine (before I catch up on all the work I let go, that is, including over 200 email  messages in my inbox that require answers).  Here is what I will do today:

  • Relax in the hot tub
  • Call my daughter Lisa and do the “dance of joy”
  • Take a nice long soul-cleansing walk
  • Go out for a Chinese dinner

And then I will get to work on my research for my next trilogy, Blessings in India–the saga of three generations of two Indian families, one high caste land owners and the other their Dalit slaves.  Book 1 is due on Barbara’s desk September 1.  Yikes!

The Grace in Africa trilogy:

Book 1:   The Call of Zulina      Available now in bookstores, at, or on my website.

Book 2:   The Voyage of Promise    Available August 2010

Book 3:   The Triumph of Grace      Available Spring 2011

“One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.”

Marie Curie


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4 responses to “The End

  1. Wow! Congrats on finishing novel 3! I’m so happy for you. I loved “The Call of Zulina” and look forward to reading more about Grace!

  2. I look forward to meeting Grace very soon.

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