Ring in the New!

It’s a new year. (Yay!)


A whole new decade.  (And not one moment too soon, I say.)


I am marking 2010 by starting a new blog.  (Be patient with me. I’m an old dog and this is a new trick.)


I have a new book—#37—due on the editor’s desk one month from today.  (Yikes!)


 Actually, I like the concept of  new.  New speaks of potential and possibility and innovation.  New sparkles with optimism and hope. 

To kick off the new decade, I’m watching my very first football game ever (not counting those high school games, where I just watched the cute guys running around the field).  The Oregon Ducks are playing the Ohio Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl, and I’m in front of the TV all decked out in green and yellow.  Since I’m a long-time Southern Californian and a short-time Oregonian, it’s great fun even though I don’t understand much about the plays.

As for my new blog, Kay’s Words, I’m looking forward to sharing thoughts about books… writing tips… people and stories I’ve seen as I traveled the world for writing assignments… and a whole lot of this and that I feel is worthy of discussion.   I’m also looking forward to your input.

Speaking of which, I have taken the liberty of sending this first blog entry out rather widely.  But I only want to keep sending it to you if you want to keep receiving it.  So unless I hear from you, I will be respectful and take you off my list within a reasonable length of time.  If you want to pass this blog along, please do.  New friends are always welcome!

 Happy New Year!


Blessed New Decade!




“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”

Erma Bombeck


In with the new!


Kay Marshall Strom



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8 responses to “Ring in the New!

  1. Congrats on your new blog post! Since OSU is my and my brother-in-law’s alma mater, we’re drowning in scarlet and grey. GO BUCKS!!!! xoxo – Mari & Eric

  2. Welcome to blogging, Kay! Keep me on your list. If you are an old dog…then I’m an old-dog lover.

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere! I hope you find blogging as enjoyable as I have. I like how you used your books as your banner photo.

    Here’s to great things for you in 2010.

  4. Hi Kay, keep me on your list. I have a blog, marciwrites.blogspot.com, but re-NEWed my commitment to updating it twice a week instead of weekly, actually I got behind when I did the nanowrimo challenge in November.
    I don’t have a lot of followers but it is a great discipline. Keep your camera ready, I post most of my own pics which has helped me be a better photographer as well.
    So excited about the new year! I think 2010 is going to be GREAT!

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